Spidey Time!

So now that I finished up Nightwing I'm getting ready to rock on Spidey. I picked out four pages that I thought would be good and it turns out that you'll be getting a little Black Cat with those pages too. You'll notice that the Spidey on the left is a lot more intense and streamlined than some of the other stuff I have been doing as of late. That is an attempt to get even better and more slick in my style. With this next set of pages I plan to really get some serious superhero action going on. I think that they will wind up being the pages I send out if everything goes as good as I'm hoping. I really want to try and play with some more foreshortening and streamlined black placement ala' Mike Wieringo. Ringo's artwork has always been a huge inspiration to me, especially so in the last few years since I have been searching to find my style, I have been looking to Ringo's work for direction. It has paid off immensely. All I can say is thanks and I dearly wish that he were still with us. His legacy will live on. I'll probably be thumbnailing the Spidey pages over the weekend getting ready to get to work on them. I plan to take it kind of slower with this last set as I really want them to be portfolio material. That said I will be sure to post some images along the way so that you're not left hanging. Wish me luck as I do the final pages of my college career! Be sure to check back soon to see the new stuff. I'll keep you updated as to what will be on the site and roughly when. See you in a few!

Senior Project Episode III: More Nightwing!

So I know its been a long time since I've posted but here it is, finally the rest of my Nightwing pages. I'm pretty satisfied with them overall and I think I can see a good amount of growth again from the last set. With my class coming down only to about a week or more now I'm probably only going to complete one more project. I'm planning right now on doing a four page stretch from a Spider-Man script. Keep your eyes open. I'll be posting as soon as I can. After those final pages I'll be getting things ready to be sent out. I'll be sure to let you know who I'm submitting to and what the results are! I'll post again soon...