Air-Heart Cover, and Angel Blue

Hello once again everyone. I have a couple of really cool ones for you today. First off I have the cover to my Air-Heart comic, or at least what the cover is for now. As I go on I may decide to take a different approach to it... But for now its my working cover. I'm on pg.16 at the moment so things are moving well with that.
The second piece is called Angel Blue, not sure what prompted me to do it but it just sort of happened. I was sketching and wanted to take another shot at coloring something. I was really happy with how the Air-Hear cover came out so I wanted to see if I could do something else that solid.
Right now I'm gearing up for editor's day really soon and I'm hoping to find some really solid leads there. I'll be sure to let you know how it all turns out!

Starfire and Air-Heart Status...

Hey everyone. This is the fastest I've posted in a little while now. I made a little starfire sketch this afternoon to share with you all. For fun I did her grey tones with just a pencil rather than digitally. As far as Air-Heart is concerned I just finished page twelve and I'm probably going to start thirteen tonight as well. I'm still moving really fast with everything so it still seems like I have a really good shot at finishing it over the summer. I'll keep you posted on how that goes. In the meantime, enjoy star and I'lll post soon.


From Savannah To New York

Hello everyone!
Its been quite a while since I've posted. I apologize for that. I've been working a lot on various projects as well as just plain old work. The most current thing I'm working on is my own graphic novel. The Title is Air-Heart and features a pilot named Amelia who works for and Organization called the 99's seeking out new Skylands and helping those in need. The thing is set in an alternate dimension with anamorphic people as well as floating sky islands. I've produced 8 pages in total and I'm hard at work on some more. At this point I'm guessing it'll be somewhere around 100 pages or so and probably be done by the end of the summer. I'll be posting a lot about Air-Heart in my next entries. Also to take a quick stab at the title of this entry, I'm moving back up to New York state for a while. I'll be living at home while I work on my comic. I'll post a preview of Air-heart soon but in the meantime I'll share with you a spidey piece I did recently that I think turned out kind of cool.