Visions of Air-Heart

So this week its a double post with two Air-Heart related pieces. The first, is my design for the headquarters of The 99 (The organization Amelia serves) I looked at a few "space age" buildings before coming up with concept you see. The headquarters will have its first appearance in the next story in the book, tentively titled: Taking Flight. The story will feature a bit more of the background on our fair Amelia.
Apeaking of Amelia, the second image is a fun sexy portrait of our heroine. As I've done on a couple of the past illustrations, I threw down one swath of color to set the piece off. I think it plays really well. In a perfect world (That is, if printing in color wasn't so expensive) I would love to have a few big patches of color like this spread throughout the book. But its all good, because I definitely enjoy the gray-style that I've created for the book. I'm just about done shading and lettering the second story of the book, and I plan to create a preview here on the blog sometime soon. Until then, be good, be awesome, be here next week.

Ice Queen!

Hello folks!
Its that time once again. What time? Friday time. This week its time to unveil the cover for my second Air-Heart story: Ice Queen. You'll also notice that this cover has the finished Air-Heart logo in place in the upper right hand corner.
This particular story features a brand new villain and the fight over The Ice Rod, a terrible item that can freeze people on demand. Nasty thing for sure! Of course Amelia and Joey face the problem head on in this second story. Also, in case you may have forgotten, this is only the second story in the book. I've got eight more stories to draw out after this one, so its still going to be a while before I'm done. I'm tentatively aiming for sometime next year, but its hard to say for certain. Either way I'd like to finish the book in time to take it on the road with me to a con. We'll see how it all plays out. I'll have a much better sense of the finish date when I get close to the last story. Anyways, hope you enjoy the image. Catch ya next week.

Hangin' Around

Hola People!
So, its another week and this time Spidey decided to drop by the old blog. He's looking a little noir here with the blacks and dark tone. If you're paying attention, you'll notice he's hanging upside down. If you weren't paying attention, I guess I blew the secret...Ah, well.
So I'm only about three pages away from being done with the inks on my second story for the Air-Heart book. After that, I'll be starting the shading and lettering process before continuing on to the third story. I should probably mention that at this point I have decided that the book will consist of ten stories in total. That means I've got a long way to go before I'm even near done! But it is what it is. The bottom line is it'll be a better project for taking the time to develop instead of pushing it out too fast or two soon.
As I start to finish up the shading on the Air-Heart story, I'll be posting a couple of the finished pages up for you to check out, so stay tuned!

The Citizen

Hey everyone! Time for another amazing post. This week's post sees the creation of a brand new character, The Citizen! Inspired by male model Jason Baca. Jason happened upon a gallery of my work and asked if I might be able to help make him into a superhero. These two pieces were the result.
The first image (far left) was the character inspired by the photos Jason sent me, the second image is a more realistic example designed to show off the likeness of Jason's face. A special thanks goes out to Jason for contacting me and allowing me to use his photos for reference. It was a truly fun experience working on the pieces and developing the character.
The Citizen character gets his powers from the magical gauntlets he wears. They were given to him by a mysterious figure after the death of his one true love prompted him to take revenge on the mob that killed her. I also decided that he should have a kickass boomerang as a weapon. Why? Because boomerangs rock.
To learn more about and what it takes to become a professional model, you should check out his latest book here. Jason's book details the steps and hard work it takes to become a successful male model in the industry. You'll notice that I've also provided a permanent link in the links section if you're looking for it in the future. Thanks again to Jason, catch all of you next week.

The Internet Has Returned, And So Have I

Hey people!
I was offline for a little bit due to an internet issue but I'm back in action now, and its time for another post!
I've been working a lot on Air-Heart since I've been down, particularly the set-up of the book: things like the acknowledgments, the prologue, and the logo. I knew that I wanted to give her a simple, streamlined logo but I wasn't sure exactly how it would come together until I found the perfect font. The heart behind the lettering was a natural fit, and everything came together on its own after that. In keeping with the style of the art, I also did the grey shading to match.
Concerning the interior of the book I've finally narrowed down how many stories will be featured and in what order they'll appear. I'm really excited about it because it helps to give me a direction and a tangible goal to work towards. I'll be putting another post up soon to make up for being out of commission, so be on the lookout!