Visions of Air-Heart

So this week its a double post with two Air-Heart related pieces. The first, is my design for the headquarters of The 99 (The organization Amelia serves) I looked at a few "space age" buildings before coming up with concept you see. The headquarters will have its first appearance in the next story in the book, tentively titled: Taking Flight. The story will feature a bit more of the background on our fair Amelia.
Apeaking of Amelia, the second image is a fun sexy portrait of our heroine. As I've done on a couple of the past illustrations, I threw down one swath of color to set the piece off. I think it plays really well. In a perfect world (That is, if printing in color wasn't so expensive) I would love to have a few big patches of color like this spread throughout the book. But its all good, because I definitely enjoy the gray-style that I've created for the book. I'm just about done shading and lettering the second story of the book, and I plan to create a preview here on the blog sometime soon. Until then, be good, be awesome, be here next week.

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