Diaz Comics #1 on sale!

Hey folks, sorry for the late post. I wanted to finish up the issue before I posted anything new on here. So its all done and ready for you to order! To order you can visit the Diaz Comics Blog or you can go directly to LULU. Either way check it out! Meanwhile now that I've completed this first issue, its time to figure out what's next! I have some ideas that may be different than just doing an issue two...

Diaz Comics update!

Hey peeps. Sorry I didn't post sooner. I've been hard at work on Air-Heart. I'm on page four, leaving me only six more to complete until I finish the whole first issue of Diaz Comics!
I'm really excited about being so close to finishing my first full project. Its going to wind up being around 30pgs with the gack (ads, forward, etc.) Of course after I get it completed I can't release it for just a short while yet because I need to get some financial, and marketing aspects tied down first. But I can guarantee that it will be available by Sept. if not a whole lot sooner. I've included a sample page from both stories; Divemaster, and Air-Heart respectively. I hope you enjoy!
One another note, this weekend I'll be traveling to The Bronx to see The Yankees old timer's day game. It should be a real treat! It'll also mark my first game at the new stadium. That'll be weird! There should be plenty of fun pics to share when I return. Until then!


Dive-Master! (for real this time)

Here he is in all of his glory, Dive-Master. I've just completed the artwork on his first ten page story. I'll begin to letter it this weekend and I expect to have it finished by Monday. My next story will be featuring some old friends, Jet-D and Spi as they go on a brand new adventure. After that one is completed they'll be put together as my first comic! Details will follow next month once the whole thing is put together. I'll be posting a link to buy the comic here on the site. But for now I'll let you all dig on Dive-Master as he chills here on the site. What's the story behind his character? You'll have to wait until the comic is released to find out. That's all for now my friends but be sure to stop by next week to see some sketches for Jet-D and Spi.