Dive-Master! (for real this time)

Here he is in all of his glory, Dive-Master. I've just completed the artwork on his first ten page story. I'll begin to letter it this weekend and I expect to have it finished by Monday. My next story will be featuring some old friends, Jet-D and Spi as they go on a brand new adventure. After that one is completed they'll be put together as my first comic! Details will follow next month once the whole thing is put together. I'll be posting a link to buy the comic here on the site. But for now I'll let you all dig on Dive-Master as he chills here on the site. What's the story behind his character? You'll have to wait until the comic is released to find out. That's all for now my friends but be sure to stop by next week to see some sketches for Jet-D and Spi.


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