About Air-Heart

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Air-Heart, her friends and the world of Avion!

The world in which Amelia (Air-Heart) lives. The world is comprised of floating islands in the sky, known as "skylands." Before Amelia became a pilot for The 99, Avion was at war with The Skyrates. The war lasted for over ten years before The Skyrates and their allies, The Ice Clan, were defeated. Since then, The 99 has continued to protect the skylands from all threats big and small.

Organizations / Peoples
The 99 - A heroic organization that seeks to rid the world of any and all threats. The 99 was responsible for bringing down Avion's greatest threats during the war, and now use their resources to continue to protect the skylands.

The Skyrates - A vicious and evil organization that sought to bring about chaos and lawlessness, the Skyrates brought about a decade of war and killed millions. Having been defeated and their leader presumed dead, the Skyrates now only exist as a gang of thugs without direction.

The Ice Clan - A group of extreme warriors from the northern skylands, the Ice Clan was a powerful presence and allied themselves with The Skyrates during the war. Now only a few surviving members exist.

Amelia / Air-Heart - Amelia, also known as "Air-Heart" is a pilot for The 99 and a protector of the skylands. Having been imprisoned by The Skyrates as a child during the war, Amelia grew up tough and fierce. When she became a pilot she vowed never to let anyone else suffer the same fate. Alongside her faithful companion Joey, Amelia patrols the skies always ready to take on any trouble that comes her way.

Joey - Amelia's faithful sidekick and companion, Joey too was imprisoned during the war alongside Amelia. Their bond is such that after the war, Joey followed Amelia in joining The 99. Savy with technology and loveably goofy, Joey is always looking out for his best friend, enjoying the latest scary movie, and searching for the ultimate sandwich.

Cap - Second in command of The 99 and father-figure to Amelia, Cap is one of the most famous pilots to have ever served. During the war, Cap was responsible for defeating Cole, the leader of The Skyrates. Years later, he finds himself serving as a Captain, responsible for the operation of The 99, and overseeing pilots like Amelia. 

Voltiere - Leader of The 99, Voltiere is a former pilot turned figure-head. He attempts to command with a stern hand, but most believe that Cap truely represents the spirit of the organization.

Cole - The leader of The Skyrates and scourge of the skylands. During the war Cole was finally defeated in hand to hand combat by Cap. Beliving their leader to be dead, The Skyrates now only exisit as a small band of thugs without direction, yet remain a nusence to The 99.

The Ice King - Hailing from the far nothern skylands, the Ice King was the leader of The Ice clan, a group of extremist warriors. During the war, The Ice King sided with Cole and The Skyrates and aided them in bringing chaos to Avion. Eventually he too was defeated by Cap in a battle for the ages.

Djalla - Heiress to the Ice Clan thrown, and daughter of The Ice King, Djalla is a vicious princess with a debt to settle with The 99. Consumed by revenge, Djalla seeks to repay The 99 for defeating her father and her people.

Ace - Amelia's former love interest, Ace turned out to be a spy for The Skyrates. Since being jailed after attempting to steal security and defense documents from The 99, Ace has not been seend or heard from.

Watt - A hot headed and super powered bull, Watt can create electric bolts of energy. Being a simple creature, Watt's only interest is power, he's always seeking a way to become more powerful no matter what it takes.