About The Author

Air-Heart is an ongoing graphic novel series produced by Derik Diaz. Derik is originally from Ithaca New York. He attended the Sequential Art program at The Savannah College of Art and Desgin where he developed the concept for Air-Heart.

"I had already graduated, and I was sitting around in my apartment trying to figure out what the heck to do with this education I had gotten. Finally after some seriously lazy months, I got my act together and started working on Air-Heart." Derik went through several versions of the concept before narrowing in on what became the first Air-Heart book.

Air-Heart: Taking Flight
In 2011, Derik finished his first book in the series entitled; Air-Heart: Taking Flight. The book features three stories set in the world of Avion, and introduces us to the charatcers of the Air-Heart universe. The book took over a year to complete and features over 90 pages of action packed adventure. Of his first book Derik says; "It took a long time for sure. A whole year of my life is packed into that book. It was a real labor of love and something I couldn't have done without the education I got, and the support I received from family and friends."

"Air-Heart was always meant to be an ongoing series, I just needed somewhere to start." Having completed the first book, Derik has set his sites on beginning the next book in the series. "I always knew I wanted to do more. As I was wrapping up the first book, I had so many ideas for a second one. I'm always jotting down little story ideas as I work, and they wind up being the basis for the next big thing."
In the future, Derik plans to continue producing the series indefinitely. "I have a lot of ideas, and I don't see myself stopping until I run out... and that may never happen!" To keep up with the artist, and the series, continue to stop by the blog periodically, where you'll find all of the most recent information regarding the artist, the series, and all things Air-Heart!