Ok so its been a little bit since my last post. I've been doing a lot of different things and trying to figure out my next move. I've finally settled on taking some time out to do a short story (10 pages). The character in question is one of my oldest characters, Dive-Master. I'm planning on doing a bit more experimental things all around starting with this story. I'm working on my inking again as well as looking for new ways to approach things altogether. Right now I'm planning on doing some more short stories after Dive-Master and continuing to experiment with things on each subsequent short. After I get a few done I'll probably compile them together into a book of some sort. So stay tuned and we'll see where it all winds up!

P.S. The image is NOT Dive-Master but just something I did for fun the other day.

Hard Hit poster

Well hello once again. Not sure if anyone is reading these days but here I am again anyways. Today's post features a poster that I did up for my boss Bruce. That might sound odd at first but the deal is that he runs a production company called Hard Hit Productions. We do mostly rock shows and the like, hence the rocker chick to your left. I was telling him he ought to have a piece of mine around the shop and this is what came out of it. I hope you enjoy!
In other news I've been working on a lot of different little projects here and there trying to figure out what my next move is. I'm still searching for work and its been very tough to say the least. At this point I'm planning to rethink some of my personal projects and focus in on some smaller scoped stuff for a bit. I'll clarify what that means next time I post. But that's it for now! Keep rockin.

Lenny Milks Out!

Ok so I was in desperate need for a break from Air-Heart. I still love the idea I just burned myself out a little bit on the work. I did several versions of the first page and the prologue this week so I think I just got overwhelmed with it. Anyways here's a Lenny one pager for you. No worries, I'll get back on track with Air-Heart, I just needed a respite.
So Lenny and I are chilling out in our apartment in his fictional hometown of Georgia,China and he's causing trouble as usual. I'm probably going to do one or two more of these for fun in the future. I'm planning on adding some bonus stories to my finished Air-Heart comic and Lenny will probably make the cut. Enough talk. Enjoy!

Sketching Fun and Sketchbooks...

Hey peeps I decided to put together some choice sketches just for fun. I've been working in my sketchbook a lot more. I've really been trying to hard to keep myself working in my sketchbook. I've always been really bad about sticking to one. I've always preferred working on loose paper, but then you can't ever find anything and you have a crap ton of paper everywhere. Plus the whole issue of portability.
One thing I've always thought was odd were people who take a sketchbook every single place they go. Then I woke up. I mean I don't want to be one of those people who goes into the restaurant and movie theater with the thing but in the car, at the beach, stuff like that. I really need to be better about taking it everywhere. It really pays to have a nice small one with you too. You never know when you're gunna see something cool you wish you could draw out. Of course there are cell phone cameras for that issue too but, you know. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that I've finally come around to realizing that its always good to have it on hand if you think you'll have any kind of down time at all. I like to keep one in my car too so that if I have a break or something I can always pull it out. Anyways enough babble for now. Enjoy the sketch page.

Hello all! So I've been home for just over a week now. Its been pretty nice getting back into the swing of things. Its interesting to me how you leave home, and when you come back, its like nothing has changed. Everything is still the same here in Ithaca. Same old same old. But its been nice to have that nostalgia and to step into some old shoes again. I've been working on a lot of pages for various things and having a good time doing it. I hope you enjoyed the Air-Heart prologue. I'm going to begin thumb-nailing the full issue pretty soon. When I have a good amount of the pages done you can be sure I'll post some up on the site. Well that's really all there is for right now folks. I'll post more later.

Air-Heart Prologue

Ok so like I started to discuss in my last post I've reformatted the Air-Heart concept to be an episodic series. Each issue is going to feature a one page prologue to ensure absolute readability regardless if you start with issue one or one hundred. To that end, here it is. Let me know what you think! I'm pretty happy with it overall. I have my nitpicks but who wants to hear those!?
In other news there's been some really interesting conversation going on on Tom Lyle's blog about different approaches to sequential work. You should definitely check it out by following the link to the lower right of this page. Its always beneficial as an artist to read about, and consider different approaches. It always amazes me that there are people out there who seem to be too proud to have open minds. What a bummer! Nobody ever learned from thinking they already know it all. If you're trying to learn about something you really have to learn not to be defensive if you want to get ahead. But that's enough of my rant. Enjoy the prologue page. More later!