Sketching Fun and Sketchbooks...

Hey peeps I decided to put together some choice sketches just for fun. I've been working in my sketchbook a lot more. I've really been trying to hard to keep myself working in my sketchbook. I've always been really bad about sticking to one. I've always preferred working on loose paper, but then you can't ever find anything and you have a crap ton of paper everywhere. Plus the whole issue of portability.
One thing I've always thought was odd were people who take a sketchbook every single place they go. Then I woke up. I mean I don't want to be one of those people who goes into the restaurant and movie theater with the thing but in the car, at the beach, stuff like that. I really need to be better about taking it everywhere. It really pays to have a nice small one with you too. You never know when you're gunna see something cool you wish you could draw out. Of course there are cell phone cameras for that issue too but, you know. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that I've finally come around to realizing that its always good to have it on hand if you think you'll have any kind of down time at all. I like to keep one in my car too so that if I have a break or something I can always pull it out. Anyways enough babble for now. Enjoy the sketch page.

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