Air-Heart Prologue

Ok so like I started to discuss in my last post I've reformatted the Air-Heart concept to be an episodic series. Each issue is going to feature a one page prologue to ensure absolute readability regardless if you start with issue one or one hundred. To that end, here it is. Let me know what you think! I'm pretty happy with it overall. I have my nitpicks but who wants to hear those!?
In other news there's been some really interesting conversation going on on Tom Lyle's blog about different approaches to sequential work. You should definitely check it out by following the link to the lower right of this page. Its always beneficial as an artist to read about, and consider different approaches. It always amazes me that there are people out there who seem to be too proud to have open minds. What a bummer! Nobody ever learned from thinking they already know it all. If you're trying to learn about something you really have to learn not to be defensive if you want to get ahead. But that's enough of my rant. Enjoy the prologue page. More later!

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  1. Bluesmobile is actually the last one I want to do. Haven't gotten a chance to work on it yet. But I think it's on it's way. Nice prologue page, my man. How far into it are you??