Portfolio Out

Hey there! Sorry I haven't had an update in a while! I just got my portfolio out in the mail the other day headed out to various editors and companies. Wish me luck! In the meantime I don't have time to waste so I'm preparing myself to start work on another five page set to send out to editors again. I'm not sure at this moment what character(s) it will be on. Depends on what scripts I have accessible to me. Besides that I have been spending time sketching and working on storytelling among other things. Not to be a total loser I've included a quick Spidey sketch for you all to look at until I have other stuff to post. Until then keep rockin!

The Final Four

Well boys and girls this is it: the final four pages of my college career! It seems like forever ago when I did my first page as a newbie... So here they are in all of their glory for you to check out. Later this week I'm going to be sending my portfolio out to prospective employers and you can be sure I'll let yuou know what's new! It'll be exciting to seewhat kind of response I get. Wish me luck and stay tuned things are about to start getting exciting!