The Final Four

Well boys and girls this is it: the final four pages of my college career! It seems like forever ago when I did my first page as a newbie... So here they are in all of their glory for you to check out. Later this week I'm going to be sending my portfolio out to prospective employers and you can be sure I'll let yuou know what's new! It'll be exciting to seewhat kind of response I get. Wish me luck and stay tuned things are about to start getting exciting!



  1. pulse siguiente y salio este blog esta bueno el hombre araña

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  2. Hey man, this is some good looking stuff you've got here. No joke. A lot of the stiffness that was present even in the Nightwing stuff is gone for the most part. I also enjoy a lot of your angle. Keep up the good stuff, dude-ski and best of luck on your portfolio. I'm rootin' for you.