Finals: One last time!

Its all over! No more finals for me ever! Well except for that summer class I have. I'm all finished up with this quarter and as promised I've included the scans of my final assignment from backgrounds and props. This quarter was a good one all personal issues aside. I made a lot of strides with my work and I'm definitely happy with all of the work that I produced over the quarter. I hope that you all enjoy these pages. Now that I've finished up there's nothing left to do but graduate! That should be pretty exciting. After I walk I'll be headed home to good old Ithaca NY where I'll be taking a nice bit of time off before gearing up for my last class. I'll be posting a lot of stuff over the next few weeks so stay tuned!


One more week

That's right its almost over! My last full quarter. Things are getting really tight in the final project department. I'm trying to cross that finish line as successfully as I can but its a definite crunch. My 4pg final for backgrounds is coming along slower than I would like but, whatcha gunna do? I'm gunna keep pumpin' 'em out and see what happens. My other classes are well under control, just gotta finish the pages and then I'm home free. After that I'll be headed home for a couple of weeks to get a breather and hopefully make a little side money before returning to SCAD for my final class. That's all for now, but be sure to stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of
Finals: One Last Time!

Finals Finals Finals

Oh finals!
Gotta love 'em. We're in the full heat of battle with finals down here at SCAD. I'm currently working on a four page assignment for my backgrounds and props class. I should have it done next week. As soon as it's complete I'll be sure to post it here for all of you to see.
This has been a really long and difficult quarter and I'm definitely ready to call it done! Plus I have to graduate! Sheesh. In the mean time my brain is fried and my drawings aren't coming out so well so I need to catch some z's and rest up so I can bring it all home. Stay tuned!


Editor's Day Recap

Heya folks!
So here's the deal with Editor's day: It was great! I got to mee with Axel Alonso from Marvel Comics as well as Bob Schreck from DC/Vertigo. Both meetings were very positive and helpful. I got some great critique and tips on how to get my wor to that next stage where I'll actually be ready for some work! Hopefuly that willl be sometime in the very near future. As always I'll keep all of up to date on the news. So stick around!


Editor's Day Update

Hey everyone,
So here's the deal for Editor's day: I got into an appt. with Marvel editor Axel Alonso. While I tried to get into a review with Bob Schreck as well I didn't get an actual appt. I may be able to sneak in there after he sees some other people but for right now Axel is my only official appt. Below are the images I plan on sharing with him when we meet. If you guys and gals have any feedback on the images I've chosen please let me know before Friday! Of course I plan on letting you all know how everything turn out so make sure to check back on Friday for an update. gallery

The weekend

The weekend is here once again and that means I'll be traveling to Atlanta with Zee again. This quarter has been both busy and hectic, and with things winding down to Editor's day and Graduation, my head is starting to spin a little. For editor's day I'll probably post all of the images I decide to show and tell you all how the conversations went.
Its pretty amazing that SCAD has the ability to grab these big time editor's and bring them down to see us. Likewise its great that editor's are willing to come. Its a really incredible opportunity for all of us to get some real world perspective on our art. Probably the best thing about it is that most editors tell it like it is, which is awesome. Nobody ever learns from being told that their work is great.
In my opinion the best learning experience you can have is to be told you suck, and to be told why. Once you have that you'll immediately be able to go so much further knowing what your weaknesses are. The trick is to have humility and admit to your faults. There are a lot of students I've met during my time here at SCAD who seem unwilling or unable to admit to their faults, and because of this their artwork develops at a snails pace. Its a bummer to watch for sure, but the truth is the more you can admit to yourself, the more you'll grow. No matter what your profession.


Maya + Car Asignment

Hey everyone here are some new images for you all to check out! The first one is of my character for conceptual illustration, Maya. The second image is a car assignment from my backgrounds and props class. Click on either one for a much larger image and enjoy!


Happy Birthday Chris

Everyone make sure to say happy birthday to my roommate Chris who's 22 today!


Editor's Day

Hi folks! Time is flying by and Editor's day is coming up fast. It'll be next week to be specific. I'm pretty excited about it and you can be sure I'll let everyone know what happens. most likely I'll be seeing editors from both DC and Marvel. It will be very interesting to get a professional perspective on my work again. I'm also hoping that I might get some real contacts and be on the track for working my way into the biz. Of course you'll be able to get the scoop here on the site.

On another quick note I should have some new images up for you to check out later today.