The weekend

The weekend is here once again and that means I'll be traveling to Atlanta with Zee again. This quarter has been both busy and hectic, and with things winding down to Editor's day and Graduation, my head is starting to spin a little. For editor's day I'll probably post all of the images I decide to show and tell you all how the conversations went.
Its pretty amazing that SCAD has the ability to grab these big time editor's and bring them down to see us. Likewise its great that editor's are willing to come. Its a really incredible opportunity for all of us to get some real world perspective on our art. Probably the best thing about it is that most editors tell it like it is, which is awesome. Nobody ever learns from being told that their work is great.
In my opinion the best learning experience you can have is to be told you suck, and to be told why. Once you have that you'll immediately be able to go so much further knowing what your weaknesses are. The trick is to have humility and admit to your faults. There are a lot of students I've met during my time here at SCAD who seem unwilling or unable to admit to their faults, and because of this their artwork develops at a snails pace. Its a bummer to watch for sure, but the truth is the more you can admit to yourself, the more you'll grow. No matter what your profession.


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