Wello hello there! As promised here is an image for you. I have some other sketches and pieces that I did on my vacation but I'm gunna save the best of those for a rainy day I think. To give you all and update here's the deal: I'm going to be making my own fully finished comic. Its going to be around 100pgs or so. As you may have guessed Powerella is the main character. I'll be posting a lot about her and the project here on the site. I'm going to try and keep things a little bit more general here though and make Powerella exclusive on her own blogspot site. Be sure to check it out from time to time. I'm assuming that it will take me four or five months to put the book togther. (And that's if alll goes well) I'll keep you all updated on my progress of course. Other than that I hope everyone had a happy holiday season. Be sure to stop back soon for more fun images and more Powerella!

Waaay too long...

Hey there peoples. Sorry once again that its been so damn long since I posted. I was on vacation for a couple of weeks so I didn't have access to a scanner. The good news is that while I was away I did a ton of drawing for my book in the works: Powerella. I'll be posting some sketches tomorrow.


Holy cow!

Hey people! Sorry its been so long. A lot of things have been going on this month preventing me from getting new images up. Here's one for you that I'm stilll working on, I want to take it to full on color. As soon as I do you can bet I'll post it up. I have a few weeks off reallly soon so you can bet that I'll be posting a lot more frequently again!


This guy over here is going to be in my latest submission. I didn't really color him very professionally...More like a color sketch for the site. I'll post some more stuff when I have the chance. I'm currently working on my own idea for a graphic novel so I may put up some of the concept sketches from that fairly soon. Stay tuned!

Happy Haloween!

Happy Haloween! Yeah yeah, I realize its not for a few days yet but you know what? Haloween ust ins't long enough so I'm celebrating all week long. The witchy girl on the left is my haloween present to you. I also included a drawing I did a while back now that I never posted. I'm sure everyone else misses Batman Beyond as well. They really could revive that character I'm telling you! That's it for now. ~D

Finished Green Lantern

Here are the finished colors on my GL from the post below. Enjoy! As always I'd love to hear what you think.


Ok so here are a few choice morsels from the new stuff I've been working on. Mind you these are explorations in my new style. I feel like the guy with the sword on the far left is probably the closest to what I want to wind up doing, but that could change as I work. Let me know what you think! I'm in the process of coloring the Green Lantern image in the center. The faces on the right were mostly a challenge to see if I could draw different ethnicity's, and ages in the new style. Well that's all for now I'll post more soon! ~D

New Direction...

Hey again! So a lot of things have been going on for me lately including some family emergencies that have resulted in my wanting to take a closer look at where I'm headed with my artwork. After thinking on it for a while I came to the conclusion that I needed to let my inner-cartoony-ness (wow that was messy) take over. I've always wanted to allow myself to draw with a more cartoony feel but I've never had the courage to do it until now. (Thanks Mami) This handsome young Pizza worker to the left is a good example of where I think my next step is headed towards. I hope you enjoy him! I've decided to put my submissions on hold until I refine this new direction a little bit further. Until next post folks!


Hello once again! I told you I was going to post more often! Did I lie? Anyways this is Ninja-Monkey. I was bored and wanted to do something totally off the way and this is where I wound up. I hope you enjoy him. My roommate asked me who he would fight immediately after I finished this so I may wind up creating a villain for him sometime just for fun...we'll see!
There's not a whole lot that's new going on right now. I've just been working hard on the next submission and awaiting word from my last. I'll be sure to post if anything exciting happens. In case anyone was wondering about my latest submission I may post the cover soon. I may try inking it for some fun as well. Until next post!

Portfolio Out

Hey there! Sorry I haven't had an update in a while! I just got my portfolio out in the mail the other day headed out to various editors and companies. Wish me luck! In the meantime I don't have time to waste so I'm preparing myself to start work on another five page set to send out to editors again. I'm not sure at this moment what character(s) it will be on. Depends on what scripts I have accessible to me. Besides that I have been spending time sketching and working on storytelling among other things. Not to be a total loser I've included a quick Spidey sketch for you all to look at until I have other stuff to post. Until then keep rockin!

The Final Four

Well boys and girls this is it: the final four pages of my college career! It seems like forever ago when I did my first page as a newbie... So here they are in all of their glory for you to check out. Later this week I'm going to be sending my portfolio out to prospective employers and you can be sure I'll let yuou know what's new! It'll be exciting to seewhat kind of response I get. Wish me luck and stay tuned things are about to start getting exciting!


Spidey Time!

So now that I finished up Nightwing I'm getting ready to rock on Spidey. I picked out four pages that I thought would be good and it turns out that you'll be getting a little Black Cat with those pages too. You'll notice that the Spidey on the left is a lot more intense and streamlined than some of the other stuff I have been doing as of late. That is an attempt to get even better and more slick in my style. With this next set of pages I plan to really get some serious superhero action going on. I think that they will wind up being the pages I send out if everything goes as good as I'm hoping. I really want to try and play with some more foreshortening and streamlined black placement ala' Mike Wieringo. Ringo's artwork has always been a huge inspiration to me, especially so in the last few years since I have been searching to find my style, I have been looking to Ringo's work for direction. It has paid off immensely. All I can say is thanks and I dearly wish that he were still with us. His legacy will live on. I'll probably be thumbnailing the Spidey pages over the weekend getting ready to get to work on them. I plan to take it kind of slower with this last set as I really want them to be portfolio material. That said I will be sure to post some images along the way so that you're not left hanging. Wish me luck as I do the final pages of my college career! Be sure to check back soon to see the new stuff. I'll keep you updated as to what will be on the site and roughly when. See you in a few!

Senior Project Episode III: More Nightwing!

So I know its been a long time since I've posted but here it is, finally the rest of my Nightwing pages. I'm pretty satisfied with them overall and I think I can see a good amount of growth again from the last set. With my class coming down only to about a week or more now I'm probably only going to complete one more project. I'm planning right now on doing a four page stretch from a Spider-Man script. Keep your eyes open. I'll be posting as soon as I can. After those final pages I'll be getting things ready to be sent out. I'll be sure to let you know who I'm submitting to and what the results are! I'll post again soon...


Workin on Nightwing, plus a little Leo

Hello once again! I felt like it had been a while since I put up a post and I know its going to be a little while before I pput up another one. Why you ask? Well currently I'm working on a 7 page stretch of the Nightwing script and its going to take a while but the pages I have finished right now are loooking pretty good if I say so myself. That's really all for now... not a whole lot else to report but I wanted to make a post and let you know it'lll be a little while before those new pages are up. I'm hoping to get most of them done by next weekend but we'll have to see how it works out... until then enjoy a little Leo, it was a TMNT kind of day!

The Dark Knight: Review

Where can I start? I loved it. I really thought this film was impressive, and it seems to be worthy of every bit of the praise it has been receiving. I was very impressed by the tone that the film set, and found myself pleasantly surprised, and excited from start to finish. It simply is a must see not only for fans of Batman but for fans of heroic stories everywhere.
Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker was inspired and impressive he simply owns every scene he appears in. I found the character to be every bit as creepy, twisted, sadistic, and quick as I could have imagined. It is truly a shame that the world has lost Ledger, but more importantly that his family had to lose him so soon. My heart goes out to them.
All of the characters are amazingly well portrayed by all of the returning cast as well as the newcomers Maggie Gyllenhaal and Aaron Eckhart. Bale simply rocks as the tortured Bruce Wayne/Batman and Eckhart nails Harvey Dent plain and simple. Everyone in this film deserves high praise,, no joke. Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine I could go on forever...and I would except that seeing is believing.

Bottom line: A+ Don't take my word for it. Go see it. Now.

Senior Project - Episode II: Nightwing 4-9

Hello all,
First off let me apologize for the long wait on these as I was without Internet for quite a little while there. But no matter because now I'm back in action! So I'm in week 4 of my final class at SCAD and so far I have penciled 9 pages. You'll notice that I didn't include the other three here and that's mainly because it was more of a warm up exercise than anything. I got more into the full swing of things on this next one. I hope you guys enjoy. The story is Nightwing Year One so that's what's up with the old costumes for he and Robin. Please let me know what you think.

After I got done with these I felt like I hit a pretty good pace so the next thing you'll be seeing is a seven page section that starts where these pages finish. I'm not sure how soon I'll have those together but we'll see. I'm planning on posting a review of The Dark Night as soon as I see it this weekend so there might be a bonus sketch to go along with that if I'm feeling it. Well I think that's it for now folks so come back in a few days to check out The Dark Night Review! Until then peoples!

Senior Project Begins

Hello everyone sorry for the lack of updates. I have been without internet and will be for a while. In the meantime I am in the full swing of things with my senior project which will consist of several 5pg long segments form various superhero scripts. I'll be putting up images from these things when I can but right now I'm really only on the internet about twice a week for the time being. All of that aside you can be sure I'll keep things fresh as often as I can. By Monday I should have all 5 pages from my first script up for you to check out so be sure to stop by!

Hulk Review / Return To Savannah

Hulk Review
Hey folks D here given you the latest...I just saw Hulk tonight and I give it a thumbs up! I really enjoyed it. I felt myself clenching during The Hulk's tense bursts of strength and totally got pissed when people tried to screw with him. This movie had absolutely everything that the previous Hulk entry didn't. I should mention that I didn't enjoy the previous installment. This one rocked, The Hulk was rough and tough but just vulnerable enough for you to stay in the story. My only real qualms were with The Abomination who seemed just a little rushed in terms of fleshing his character out. Bottom Line: -A

On the flip side I'm also getting ready and packed to go back to Savannah to kick some butt on my final class (Senior Project). I'm looking forward to getting back to some good old work. Classes start on Monday and you can be sure I'll give you the latest as I finish up and get ready to send some artwork out at the end of the quarter. Stay tuned!

New York, New York

This week has been an absolute blur! I started out heading down to NYC to visit Zee on Wednesday. While there we had a great time going on Circle Line and checking out the city, we rounded things up by going to The Met. We got to see some really great art including an exhibition on superhero costumes and their influence on the fashion industry. There was some really neat stuff to see in the exhibition including Cristian Bale's latest Batman costume, as well as Downey Jr.'s Iron man costume (Mark II). It was definitely something neat to see. After that we spent time looking throughout the museum at all kinds of art from all over the world. It was an awesome time indeed.
So now for part two: I traveled back to Ithaca leaving my lovely lady in NYC and got up the following morning to work at a concert with Blues Traveler. It was a great show, the crowd was really into it and the rain held off all day.
And to round it all out part III! I traveled back to NYC once again for the second time only a day after being there to pick up a fellow worker, see some family, and have a quick dinner with Zee one more time before she headed back to Atlanta today. It was a crazy week to say the least! I was all over the state but it was a fun time. I think one of the best things you can do as an artist is travel. You need to see a lot of different places and things. The more unique experiences you have the more your work will come to life. So get out there! And that's no excuse if you don't have a car, you might have a bike, or if not, two legs that can carry you anywhere. And for the record you don't have to go very far to find adventure, some of the most inspiring adventures I've had were right in my own backyard, so stop reading this and go outside!

In Training

Hello all just a quick update today. I figured I would let people know what I've been up to so far on my break... Firstly I've been drawing and lot and working on all kinds of stuff really, I've been particularly concentrating on foreshoretening and anatomy. One of the other things I'm going to work on is thumbnailing a few issues over the break to get some good storytelling practice in as well.
Other than that I've been taking time out to chill here and there, I went to see Kung Fu Panda the other night and really enjoyed it. The story was fairly simple and straight forward but being a big fan of martial arts action I really dug it. I suggest you check it out if you're into that sort of thing at all.
I hope everybody is enjoying the beginning of their summer's. Just so you know I should be posting some new images up in the next couple of days, then I'll be out for a little while while I'm down in NYC. That's it for now folks stayed tuned and look out for those new images!


You graduated! Now get a job!!!

Hey folks I'm coming to you from good old Ithaca NY. I'm only up here for a couple of weeks and then its back to the grind for my final class ever. That said I did graduate...well technically anyways. I won't get my diploma until I finish my last class but I did walk across the stage. The ceremony itself was a little lackluster but no worries, now I'm on to bigger things, like getting a freakin job! Over the summer I'll be working my butt off in Senior Portfolio. I'll be working hard to prepare an awesome package to send out to editors that I've met at my time at SCAD with the intention of picking up a job. Overall my goal is to have a job working in comics within the next six months or less. Of course that all depends on a lot of hard work and just a little good luck. In the meantime I'm chillin here at home and practicing my drawing chops getting ready to kick some butt. I'll post again when there's more to report!


Finals: One last time!

Its all over! No more finals for me ever! Well except for that summer class I have. I'm all finished up with this quarter and as promised I've included the scans of my final assignment from backgrounds and props. This quarter was a good one all personal issues aside. I made a lot of strides with my work and I'm definitely happy with all of the work that I produced over the quarter. I hope that you all enjoy these pages. Now that I've finished up there's nothing left to do but graduate! That should be pretty exciting. After I walk I'll be headed home to good old Ithaca NY where I'll be taking a nice bit of time off before gearing up for my last class. I'll be posting a lot of stuff over the next few weeks so stay tuned!


One more week

That's right its almost over! My last full quarter. Things are getting really tight in the final project department. I'm trying to cross that finish line as successfully as I can but its a definite crunch. My 4pg final for backgrounds is coming along slower than I would like but, whatcha gunna do? I'm gunna keep pumpin' 'em out and see what happens. My other classes are well under control, just gotta finish the pages and then I'm home free. After that I'll be headed home for a couple of weeks to get a breather and hopefully make a little side money before returning to SCAD for my final class. That's all for now, but be sure to stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of
Finals: One Last Time!

Finals Finals Finals

Oh finals!
Gotta love 'em. We're in the full heat of battle with finals down here at SCAD. I'm currently working on a four page assignment for my backgrounds and props class. I should have it done next week. As soon as it's complete I'll be sure to post it here for all of you to see.
This has been a really long and difficult quarter and I'm definitely ready to call it done! Plus I have to graduate! Sheesh. In the mean time my brain is fried and my drawings aren't coming out so well so I need to catch some z's and rest up so I can bring it all home. Stay tuned!


Editor's Day Recap

Heya folks!
So here's the deal with Editor's day: It was great! I got to mee with Axel Alonso from Marvel Comics as well as Bob Schreck from DC/Vertigo. Both meetings were very positive and helpful. I got some great critique and tips on how to get my wor to that next stage where I'll actually be ready for some work! Hopefuly that willl be sometime in the very near future. As always I'll keep all of up to date on the news. So stick around!


Editor's Day Update

Hey everyone,
So here's the deal for Editor's day: I got into an appt. with Marvel editor Axel Alonso. While I tried to get into a review with Bob Schreck as well I didn't get an actual appt. I may be able to sneak in there after he sees some other people but for right now Axel is my only official appt. Below are the images I plan on sharing with him when we meet. If you guys and gals have any feedback on the images I've chosen please let me know before Friday! Of course I plan on letting you all know how everything turn out so make sure to check back on Friday for an update. gallery

The weekend

The weekend is here once again and that means I'll be traveling to Atlanta with Zee again. This quarter has been both busy and hectic, and with things winding down to Editor's day and Graduation, my head is starting to spin a little. For editor's day I'll probably post all of the images I decide to show and tell you all how the conversations went.
Its pretty amazing that SCAD has the ability to grab these big time editor's and bring them down to see us. Likewise its great that editor's are willing to come. Its a really incredible opportunity for all of us to get some real world perspective on our art. Probably the best thing about it is that most editors tell it like it is, which is awesome. Nobody ever learns from being told that their work is great.
In my opinion the best learning experience you can have is to be told you suck, and to be told why. Once you have that you'll immediately be able to go so much further knowing what your weaknesses are. The trick is to have humility and admit to your faults. There are a lot of students I've met during my time here at SCAD who seem unwilling or unable to admit to their faults, and because of this their artwork develops at a snails pace. Its a bummer to watch for sure, but the truth is the more you can admit to yourself, the more you'll grow. No matter what your profession.


Maya + Car Asignment

Hey everyone here are some new images for you all to check out! The first one is of my character for conceptual illustration, Maya. The second image is a car assignment from my backgrounds and props class. Click on either one for a much larger image and enjoy!


Happy Birthday Chris

Everyone make sure to say happy birthday to my roommate Chris who's 22 today!


Editor's Day

Hi folks! Time is flying by and Editor's day is coming up fast. It'll be next week to be specific. I'm pretty excited about it and you can be sure I'll let everyone know what happens. most likely I'll be seeing editors from both DC and Marvel. It will be very interesting to get a professional perspective on my work again. I'm also hoping that I might get some real contacts and be on the track for working my way into the biz. Of course you'll be able to get the scoop here on the site.

On another quick note I should have some new images up for you to check out later today.