Amelia In A Circle

Hello once again!
So another week has passed and here we are on Friday! Today's post is Amelia in a circle. She's not wearing her usual uniform, I wanted to explore what she would wear outside of her adventuring. I'll admit I threw this one together pretty fast. I wasn't quite sure what to put up this week. Things are going well with her next adventure. I've already thumb-nailed the whole thing. I'm planning to start the drawing this weekend. I'm looking forward to this next story because I think its got some really good things going for it. That's it for now folks. See you next week!

Air-Heart: Brownout, Complete!

The first story of my Air-Heart book is done!
It took quite a lot of time to get this done but, I finally finished. The image on the left is the interior cover for this particular story. I'm very happy with the way it came out. The most notable part of having finished this is that it marks Amelia's first truly complete adventure. Prior to this her longest adventure was about ten pages.
Now that the first story is complete its time to move on to story number two. I'm working on the script this week and I expect to be thumb-nailing by the weekend. My hope is that this next story won't take quite as long now that I know what to expect from the working process. I hope that you all enjoy the cover for now. When I get done thumb-nailing the next story, I'll be sure to post up some sketches for you all to check out.

A Costume That Makes Some Sense!

Another week, another Friday!
Its that time once again folks. Time for me to delight you with a post of rambling nonsense. This week I submit to you, Joey for your entertainment. I did the blue shading with a half-dead high-liter, turned out to look pretty neat! I decided I wanted to take another crack at Joey's costume. It occurred to me that it made no sense for him to have a karate gi inspired look. He's not exactly a fighter. I feel like this look suits his character much better. Its a little bit lighter and a little less imposing. Not that you can see it, but he also has a backpack on for carrying different gadgets for Amelia to use on their adventures. I only have one last page to shade and then I'll finally be done with the first exciting chapter of my book. Then I can move on to my second story. I'm really looking forward to getting back to the drawing stage. I can't wait to do me up some thumbnails! Until next week, stay cool!

Bold Is Better

Ok! So I figured I owed you at least two images this time around since I didn't post for a while. I was viciously sick and it really stunk! But now I'm doing much better.
So as the title of this entry suggests, bold is better! I've been working on Air-Heart for quite a while now, and I've finally figured out the secret of the bold containment line. I really think that's what gives these pieces some real punch. A long time ago I used to play with a heavier outline but it was just something I forgot all about. That said, I think it really compliments my style these days. These images aren't for anything in particular, just promo materials for my upcoming book. Props to my buddy Brett Brooks for accidentally helping me to figure the whole bold outline thing out. Oh yeah, and Scooby-Doo as well. Make sense? Probably not, but it does in my head. :)