Bold Is Better

Ok! So I figured I owed you at least two images this time around since I didn't post for a while. I was viciously sick and it really stunk! But now I'm doing much better.
So as the title of this entry suggests, bold is better! I've been working on Air-Heart for quite a while now, and I've finally figured out the secret of the bold containment line. I really think that's what gives these pieces some real punch. A long time ago I used to play with a heavier outline but it was just something I forgot all about. That said, I think it really compliments my style these days. These images aren't for anything in particular, just promo materials for my upcoming book. Props to my buddy Brett Brooks for accidentally helping me to figure the whole bold outline thing out. Oh yeah, and Scooby-Doo as well. Make sense? Probably not, but it does in my head. :)

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