Air-Heart: Brownout, Complete!

The first story of my Air-Heart book is done!
It took quite a lot of time to get this done but, I finally finished. The image on the left is the interior cover for this particular story. I'm very happy with the way it came out. The most notable part of having finished this is that it marks Amelia's first truly complete adventure. Prior to this her longest adventure was about ten pages.
Now that the first story is complete its time to move on to story number two. I'm working on the script this week and I expect to be thumb-nailing by the weekend. My hope is that this next story won't take quite as long now that I know what to expect from the working process. I hope that you all enjoy the cover for now. When I get done thumb-nailing the next story, I'll be sure to post up some sketches for you all to check out.

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