A Costume That Makes Some Sense!

Another week, another Friday!
Its that time once again folks. Time for me to delight you with a post of rambling nonsense. This week I submit to you, Joey for your entertainment. I did the blue shading with a half-dead high-liter, turned out to look pretty neat! I decided I wanted to take another crack at Joey's costume. It occurred to me that it made no sense for him to have a karate gi inspired look. He's not exactly a fighter. I feel like this look suits his character much better. Its a little bit lighter and a little less imposing. Not that you can see it, but he also has a backpack on for carrying different gadgets for Amelia to use on their adventures. I only have one last page to shade and then I'll finally be done with the first exciting chapter of my book. Then I can move on to my second story. I'm really looking forward to getting back to the drawing stage. I can't wait to do me up some thumbnails! Until next week, stay cool!

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