Dragon Con Update...

Amelia: rolling tight in black and white
Hello my friends!
It's been far too long once again, but in all fairness, there hasn't been much to report until now. Sigh... so first thing is first. I will not be attending Dragon Con after all. "Why?!" you scream... The bottom line is that I want to make the best impression possible and I'm not able to do that. Between the financial burden, not to mention that I haven't even come close to finishing a second book, and on top of it all I'm at a bit of a transitional place in my artwork, now just ins't the right time to strike. I've also begun to doubt whether Dragon Con would really be the best venue for me to make my first foray into con life. I have a strong feeling that I would be more successful both personally and professionally at a smaller con to start. I would hate to myself get swallowed up being unprepared for such a huge venue. So, while it is a little bit of a let down, I think that ultimately it's the smartest decision for me at the moment.

Now on to happier things. I've recently returned to black and white as evidenced by this week's drawing. Also, I'm currently writing a new story for our heroine that's sure to be far more exciting and deep than anything I've done before. So not to worry folks, there's still plenty of great Air-Heart moments on the horizon! Bear with me, I will deliver.