You graduated! Now get a job!!!

Hey folks I'm coming to you from good old Ithaca NY. I'm only up here for a couple of weeks and then its back to the grind for my final class ever. That said I did graduate...well technically anyways. I won't get my diploma until I finish my last class but I did walk across the stage. The ceremony itself was a little lackluster but no worries, now I'm on to bigger things, like getting a freakin job! Over the summer I'll be working my butt off in Senior Portfolio. I'll be working hard to prepare an awesome package to send out to editors that I've met at my time at SCAD with the intention of picking up a job. Overall my goal is to have a job working in comics within the next six months or less. Of course that all depends on a lot of hard work and just a little good luck. In the meantime I'm chillin here at home and practicing my drawing chops getting ready to kick some butt. I'll post again when there's more to report!