New York, New York

This week has been an absolute blur! I started out heading down to NYC to visit Zee on Wednesday. While there we had a great time going on Circle Line and checking out the city, we rounded things up by going to The Met. We got to see some really great art including an exhibition on superhero costumes and their influence on the fashion industry. There was some really neat stuff to see in the exhibition including Cristian Bale's latest Batman costume, as well as Downey Jr.'s Iron man costume (Mark II). It was definitely something neat to see. After that we spent time looking throughout the museum at all kinds of art from all over the world. It was an awesome time indeed.
So now for part two: I traveled back to Ithaca leaving my lovely lady in NYC and got up the following morning to work at a concert with Blues Traveler. It was a great show, the crowd was really into it and the rain held off all day.
And to round it all out part III! I traveled back to NYC once again for the second time only a day after being there to pick up a fellow worker, see some family, and have a quick dinner with Zee one more time before she headed back to Atlanta today. It was a crazy week to say the least! I was all over the state but it was a fun time. I think one of the best things you can do as an artist is travel. You need to see a lot of different places and things. The more unique experiences you have the more your work will come to life. So get out there! And that's no excuse if you don't have a car, you might have a bike, or if not, two legs that can carry you anywhere. And for the record you don't have to go very far to find adventure, some of the most inspiring adventures I've had were right in my own backyard, so stop reading this and go outside!

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