Hard Hit poster

Well hello once again. Not sure if anyone is reading these days but here I am again anyways. Today's post features a poster that I did up for my boss Bruce. That might sound odd at first but the deal is that he runs a production company called Hard Hit Productions. We do mostly rock shows and the like, hence the rocker chick to your left. I was telling him he ought to have a piece of mine around the shop and this is what came out of it. I hope you enjoy!
In other news I've been working on a lot of different little projects here and there trying to figure out what my next move is. I'm still searching for work and its been very tough to say the least. At this point I'm planning to rethink some of my personal projects and focus in on some smaller scoped stuff for a bit. I'll clarify what that means next time I post. But that's it for now! Keep rockin.

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