Air-Heart Update

Hello All!
So it been a while since I posted a finished drawing up for you, let alone pencils! I haven't done pencils in a while. But anyways here it is. This piece is actually a panel taken from a page I'm working on which will find its way onto the site soon I'm sure.

In this image you may notice that I've cut way back on some of the harsh angles I was using a while back. This is something that was suggested to me by an editor. I've been playing around with it and I really like the look it gives my stuff. There's an extra vitality to it that I think it was missing when I was using the harsher angles. Also you'll notice that both Joey and Amelia have been slightly redesigned for this new format of Air-Heart. I'm going to be concentrating on doing single issues that begin and end independently. I really love the idea of comics becoming episodic again. I think that's something that really hurts the industry. Continuity is a blessing and a curse. It keeps fans coming back for more and allows for deeper character development all while alienating any newcomers who don't know the backstory. Oh well! The good news is this won't be the case with Air-Heart. Each issue will feature a prologue that gets you into the idea, followed by an episodic story that begins and ends. The idea being that you can pick issue one or issue seventy and still know exactly what's going on. Well anyways I'm going to be getting down to serious work on issue one really soon. I'll post again soon!

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