The Internet Has Returned, And So Have I

Hey people!
I was offline for a little bit due to an internet issue but I'm back in action now, and its time for another post!
I've been working a lot on Air-Heart since I've been down, particularly the set-up of the book: things like the acknowledgments, the prologue, and the logo. I knew that I wanted to give her a simple, streamlined logo but I wasn't sure exactly how it would come together until I found the perfect font. The heart behind the lettering was a natural fit, and everything came together on its own after that. In keeping with the style of the art, I also did the grey shading to match.
Concerning the interior of the book I've finally narrowed down how many stories will be featured and in what order they'll appear. I'm really excited about it because it helps to give me a direction and a tangible goal to work towards. I'll be putting another post up soon to make up for being out of commission, so be on the lookout!

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