Ice Queen!

Hello folks!
Its that time once again. What time? Friday time. This week its time to unveil the cover for my second Air-Heart story: Ice Queen. You'll also notice that this cover has the finished Air-Heart logo in place in the upper right hand corner.
This particular story features a brand new villain and the fight over The Ice Rod, a terrible item that can freeze people on demand. Nasty thing for sure! Of course Amelia and Joey face the problem head on in this second story. Also, in case you may have forgotten, this is only the second story in the book. I've got eight more stories to draw out after this one, so its still going to be a while before I'm done. I'm tentatively aiming for sometime next year, but its hard to say for certain. Either way I'd like to finish the book in time to take it on the road with me to a con. We'll see how it all plays out. I'll have a much better sense of the finish date when I get close to the last story. Anyways, hope you enjoy the image. Catch ya next week.