Hangin' Around

Hola People!
So, its another week and this time Spidey decided to drop by the old blog. He's looking a little noir here with the blacks and dark tone. If you're paying attention, you'll notice he's hanging upside down. If you weren't paying attention, I guess I blew the secret...Ah, well.
So I'm only about three pages away from being done with the inks on my second story for the Air-Heart book. After that, I'll be starting the shading and lettering process before continuing on to the third story. I should probably mention that at this point I have decided that the book will consist of ten stories in total. That means I've got a long way to go before I'm even near done! But it is what it is. The bottom line is it'll be a better project for taking the time to develop instead of pushing it out too fast or two soon.
As I start to finish up the shading on the Air-Heart story, I'll be posting a couple of the finished pages up for you to check out, so stay tuned!

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