The Citizen

Hey everyone! Time for another amazing post. This week's post sees the creation of a brand new character, The Citizen! Inspired by male model Jason Baca. Jason happened upon a gallery of my work and asked if I might be able to help make him into a superhero. These two pieces were the result.
The first image (far left) was the character inspired by the photos Jason sent me, the second image is a more realistic example designed to show off the likeness of Jason's face. A special thanks goes out to Jason for contacting me and allowing me to use his photos for reference. It was a truly fun experience working on the pieces and developing the character.
The Citizen character gets his powers from the magical gauntlets he wears. They were given to him by a mysterious figure after the death of his one true love prompted him to take revenge on the mob that killed her. I also decided that he should have a kickass boomerang as a weapon. Why? Because boomerangs rock.
To learn more about and what it takes to become a professional model, you should check out his latest book here. Jason's book details the steps and hard work it takes to become a successful male model in the industry. You'll notice that I've also provided a permanent link in the links section if you're looking for it in the future. Thanks again to Jason, catch all of you next week.


  1. Looks nice Derik, I like them both. Haven't seen you draw something realistic in a good while. I know the real reason you want The Citizen to have a boomerang? You want to draw the baterang lol.

  2. Lol! Probably true buddy,it definitely looks like a batarang for sure. Glad you dig it though.

  3. I meant to tell you last week when I saw this...

    The image on the right might be one of my favorite things I've seen you do. It's slightly disconnected from your regular stuff. I'd love to see more of it, or more extreme departures from your usual art style.

    I do love the juxtaposition between these 2 pieces though. Very cool, as always.