ATL Convention

Okay peoples, I know you've been waiting a long time to hear how the con went. I guess I didn't get off my butt to post about it because as it turned out there were no editors there. Don't get me wrong I still had an awesome time and bought some really cool stuff but I wasn't able to network much. There were some fellow beginner artists there who I talked to. That was actually pretty cool. Its always nice to share stories about how tough it is to get your stuff going. The con was also just a ton smaller than I thought. But the bottom line is it was still really cool to go and it was a lesson. From now on I'll only be heading out to con's that are big and feature a bunch of names that I actually know. That leads me to the next con I'm headed to - Megacon in Orlando. I'm working on some more pieces to take down with me and hoping I can get the time off from work. There are going to be some really cool people there. It will be really neat to go to a bigger con. Not to make you think I didn't have a good time, I have to tell you there was a ton of cool stuff to look at there. It would have been so easy to blow like five million dollars in there. I got a bunch of cool comics for art reference. I even got myself some vintage Tom Lyle for those of you that know who I mean. Well that's pretty much the story of it. But don't worry I'll be reporting on Megacon after I go! So stay tuned and there will certainly be a lot more to hear about. It the meantime its back to working on pages and getting new stuff ready for the con. I've been working on new pages and even new business cards and everything in between. That's all for now folks. I'll be posting some new stuff soon. Keep it real! Oh by the way, I've been planning on putting together all of these small stories into a book which I'll be selling. More on that later...

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