I love fall. I'm not really sure what it is. The bold colors don't hurt, but there's something else to it. I guess maybe its an atmosphere or something, there's just a certain feel that I think is really curious about fall. In that spirit I decided to create a piece symbolizing the things that I like about fall. The piece to the left is what came out of that idea. Its the first finished thing that I've done in a while now. I've been floating a lot as I'm looking for work trying to hone in on exactly what it is that I'd like to do. Nothing has come up yet, but one can hope.


  1. I love fall too. The colors just are so enriching and beautiful. It really captures the cool, crisp air of fall in one complete picture. I think the inks and the colors just really make it really clean and fresh.

  2. Hey man, this may be one of my favorite colored pieces that you've ever done...seriously. You nailed the calming feel that fall brings. And the warm/cool balance is right on. And I love the cast shadows on the ground. Great layout, as expected. Very nice. Oh, and thanks for the props on the comic. I actually knew you were having a bad day and whipped out those 9 pages in, like, 20 minutes.