Let The Shading Begin!

Well Hello there!
Hello once again people. I just got back home late last night and thought I would put up a bonus post since I wasn't able to put anything up while I was away. Of course I'll be putting up another post on Friday as well, so its two posts this week!
As I mentioned a couple of posts ago I've finished inking all of the pages of the first Air-Heart story. What you see to the left is a collection of materials including a few sketches. I'll be starting the shading process now that I'm back at my computer and I'll be putting up at least a few pages for your entertainment when I get them done. I had an awesome time on my trip, it was so wonderful to relax and see my girl. Of course now that I'm home, its back to the grind! I'll be posting on Friday so come back to check it out!


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