Fall III: Inks

So here it is, the finished inking of Fall III. I still don't have my work space set up here in the new apartment, so I decided I'd improvise and take a picture of the drawing, since my printer isn't hooked up at the moment.

With each of the fall pieces, I try to do a few things that I don't do in my Air-Heart work. Most notably, I like to take the time to play around with textures and flowing line weight a bit more. I think it helps to give these illustrations a look of their own.

Unlike the previous fall pieces, in this one, I've decided to take "the girl" out of her usual urban setting, and put her in a more wide open landscape. When I first did the sketch, I thought of her as maybe being on a vacation somewhere a bit more serene than her usual base of operations. Perhaps she's on a fall foliage getaway...


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