Kickstarter - Week #1

Yours for a donation of only $10!
Hey peoples!
So, the first project update has been made on the kickstarter page, so you better check it out! The update features images of the embroidered logo hat, and the promo poster. So, exclusively here on the blog; I'll be showing you some in progress images of the trading card, featured as one of the donor gifts when you choose to support the project.

The trading card features some background info on our favorite heroine, and a cool image of her striking a ready pose as she embraces adventure. She's not shaded yet as you can see, but that will be tomorrow's fun. I really had a fun time putting this together, I'm thinking I might do one for Joey and maybe Cap in the future...

Getting back to the point, the first week of the kickstarter project has passed. Unfortunately this week didn't see the progress I had hoped for, but there's still 53 days left according to the clock! That still leaves plenty of time for you to show your support. But hurry! Nobody wants to be a rotten egg.

That's the deal-e-o for this week, next week on the kickstarter blog, I'll be posting a preview from Mirror's Edge! In the meantime, be sure to check us out on facebook and twitter, and stay tuned to the blog for more exclusive content!

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