New Stuffs!

Hey there peoples! Here are a couple of pieces I've done since the last time I posted. The first is my homage to the awesome series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Never mind the doofy movie, the series was wonderful and you should definitely check it out. The second piece is of a character that I thought up after hearing about a place called Thrasher's fries. He's a surfing mystery solving beach dude.
Concerning Air-Heart I've been working on pages and making good headway. Its coming along well and I've also come up with some great ideas for the next few stories. I'm also contemplating how long I want to make the book. I had originally decided that I was only going to have four stories total but now I'm thinking it may be fun to wait just a bit longer and have ten stories or so. I have to think it over but I think it would be neat to have a bigger book. We'll see how it shakes out. For now I'll leave you with these two pieces. Until next week homies!

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