Derik Diaz's Devastatingly Dangerous Double Duck Post

A double post this week! I've just finished moving myself in to my new home in Atlanta. As such I've been at home working on looking for a job and I've had a ton of time on my hands. That being said you won't be surprised that I was busy getting caught up on my old school toons. I was inspired to do two "duck universe" pieces this week. The first is Gizmo Duck in all of his awesomeness kicking some butt. The second is none other than the masked mallard himself, Darkwing Duck. I'm pretty sure I've never drawn either of these guys because I probably found the task too daunting when I was just a little dude. Not anymore however! I hope you enjoy. In other news, Air-Heart is still plugging along although I got a little behind since I took about a week off for the move. But no worries! I'm back to action... Until next week my friends.

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