Hey everyone!
Its that time of week once again. And this time, I'm proud to report that the book is nearing completion. I'm on page 11 of the final story and I should be done in the next week or two. After that it will only be a short period before the book is ready to go. The book will be around 100 pages and be for sale on amazon and lulu. I'll be releasing more information on all that in the days to come. I'll also provide a permanent link on the website to purchase the book.
In the meantime I've created a Facebook contest to win a free copy of the book. Its a funny caption contest and you may enter by strolling on over to my FB page.
I've also created a group page for Air-Heart on Facebook as well. I'll be updating the group regularly with information on the upcoming release of the book. Of course, I'll also be continuing to keep you updated here on the blog. Stay tuned!

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