Hello From Florida!

Hello everyone!
A quick update from Florida. I'm currently vacationing and enjoying visiting my family. I've been working on a lot of concept sketches for the second volume of Air-Heart. While the first volume hasn't been published yet, its never to early to start on the ideas for the next. In fact I've got most of it figured out already.
The sketch to right is a concept for an undercover Skyrate outfit for Amelia. I thought it would be fun to put her into some swashbuckling threads.
As far as my current progress on finishing volume one I'm still in the beginning stages of shading but I should be finished on time if not earlier. At this point I only need to hammer out a cover design and finish shading. Then you'll be able to get your copy! Finally! I'll try to post again soon by my internet connection will be a bit sporadic while I'm still on the road... Until then my fellow Pilots!

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