Happy New Year! (And the first post of 2011!)

Hello Everyone!
Its been a little bit since I've posted, but I was busy putting the finishing touches on the first book! That's right, it's almost done. In fact, all I'm waiting on is to receive my advance copy so I can make sure that everything came out correctly. After that the book will be on sale. Once the book is on sale I'll be posting a permanent link here on the site that will take you directly to the buying page.
In the meantime, I've also gone ahead and finished quite a few of the thumbnails for my next Air-Heart book. I'll be posting my progress on that in the near future. With any luck I should be inking the next story sometime next week.
Well it's a start to another year, and I've got some important new years resolutions that I aim to stick to. Most of them are health and job related. What about you? Any awesome new years resolutions you wanna share? Well that's all for this week folks! Catch you next time.

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