A Storm Is Coming...
Welcome back to the blog. I'm sorry that it's been a little while, I've been pretty busy working on my freelance gigs, and I haven't had as much time to devote to Air-Heart as I normally would. That said, here's a brand new image I worked up for Return of The Skyrates. I was only aiming to come up with a decent teaser image for the site, but I may consider this becoming the cover of the book after seeing how it turned out. In the image you can see that Amelia is surrounded by the return of Cole, leader of The Skyrates. I'm also thinking that this would make a great poster to advertise the upcoming new book, so I may rework it for that purpose soon.

Today I have another day off, so it's a great chance to get caught up on the thumbnails for the book. I'm hoping that I can get close to finishing them. The closer I get to starting the inking process, the more pumped I'm getting. I've been really looking forward to creating some finished pages again. I love the thumbnails process and sketching in general, but there's something very satisfying about putting together a fully finished piece. As I work on the thumbnails, I find myself getting excited about drawing some of the ideas I'm coming up with. There are a couple of pages in particualr that I'm really looking forward to.

That's about all the update I have right now, hit me up in the comments section, I'd love to hear your reaction to the new poster. Hopefully I'll be able to put up another post in the next couple of days once I have all of the thumbnails finished. Wish me luck!



  1. Beautiful. That Cole guy makes me nervous. I don't know how Amelia keeps from popping him one!

  2. SPOILER - She doesn't. It goes down.