Dr. Thyme

Hello once again. This time, I'd like to amuse you with a character concept brought about from an idea suggested to me by my friend Bruce. This is Dr. Thyme, an absent minded professor travelling back through time in the Air-Heart world to right some wrongs of the future. Absent minded professors being bad, it's even worse when one is in charge of a fact finding mission through time!

I love the concept of the character and I already have a plot suited to him for a future Air-Heart book, the only issue? I already have plans for the book after Return of The Skyrates. That means that poor old Dr. Thyme will have to wait a whole other book from now! But that's ok, being that he's a time traveler  he could easily make a cameo now without any continuity issue... hmm... Ideas!

All of that business aside, work is still continuing on ROTS regardless of illustration and storyboarding gigs. Everything is coming along well, if not a little slowly. I still haven't quite put the finishing touches on the storyboards, but I'm getting awfully close to the finish line.

In other news, here are the growlers I made mention of just a few posts ago! As I said before, they were done for a local craft beer market called Blind Murphy. You may recall the sketch from before, but these are the finished product. As you can see, some of the bad boys are even signed! If you're aching to get one and you're local to Alpharetta, GA then I urge you to stop by the store and pick one up. If not, then just send me an e-mail and we can work out a deal. They're about $5 / a piece I believe. You can of course e-mail me using the link provided in the top right corner of the website. Also be sure to check out their website at Blind Murphy.

Well folks, that's about all the update I have for you at the moment, but be sure to check back again soon for more on Air-Heart as well as my other projects!


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  1. HOW did I miss this? I suppose ole' absent-minded Dr. Thyme doesn't stray far from his origins. CAN'T WAIT to see what mischief he caused/is causing/will cause!