Powerella gets shelfed, and the Atlanta Comic Con

Hello once again everyone! To make it short, for various reasons, Powerella is on indefinite hold. At some point in the future she will certainly be back. At this moment I just can't quite create a finished book of the level I really want to. That said, someday I will. She won't go away! In the meantime I have moved on, back to pencils, getting ready for The Atlanta Comic Con in Feb. I'm planning on taking a portfolio of about 8 images up to the convention. The 8 will consist of two three page long shorts as well as two poster/pin up images. This superman piece is one of the covers. From left to right it features, the sketch, the tight rough, and the final pencils. I'm actually really glad I tried this out because I noticed in doing so that I actually like the line weight better on the tight rough than the final! Guess I need to beef it up. That's all for now, just wanted to let you all know the news. More soon.

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