Powerella Begins!

Hello to all. By now some of you may know that I'm working on my very own graphic novel. I've just finished the first page. As of right now the book is going to be in grayscale because of the cost of production for the color book is way too expensive. But that might change if I can get a publisher interested in the book. In the meantime you should all be aware that the Powerella Blog is now open for business! I'll be providing updates and information specific to Powerella on that page. This page will continue to feature my other work, sketches, etc. So don't worry it won't just be all Powerella all the time, at least not on this page. So what are you doing!? Go to the Powerella page right now and check out some sketches and stuff! Be sure to leave me your comments about the project as info comes out! So how do you get to the Powerella Blog? Click on her logo in the top right hand corner of this page or click here.


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