Spring Forward!

Well hello my bloggerts!
Spring is finally upon us here upstate. Its nice to finally get some sun! Its amazing how the weather can effect your mood. I know I always look forward to end of winter because I'm definitely a spring/summer kind of guy, hence this weeks image featuring Jynx and Meteor girl. Once again these characters are some older ones that I don't do much with at the moment. He's an alien, she's a super-powered teenager, needless to say they're in love.
I'm keeping pace with Air-Heart and I've still been learning a lot in the process. Other than that, the baseball season has started and that's always a treat in the Diaz household. Not only are we watching the games on TV, but its time for catch as well! I love being able to get outside once again. Make sure you get out there too and enjoy some sun!

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