Movie Magic...A Thing Of The Past?

Now, I can honestly say I have almost never gotten on my proverbial soap box here on the blog before. I've always tried to focus on my work rather than my opinions but, I've had something on my mind for a bit that I feel compelled to share. Those of you who know me well know that I love going to the movies, or rather, I used to.
Unfortunately it seems that its reached a point where people can't even have the common courtesy to allow others to watch a movie in peace. Texting, talking, standing, and feet on the back of my seat have simply caused me to reach the end of my rope. Of course I stood up for myself from time to time, asking people to be quiet, even going as far to bother management when things were out of hand, however, that's a waste of energy. I've simply come to the conclusion that its time for me to give up the theater.
Now some of you might say that that's letting the other guys win, but really if I stay home and watch my movie in peace without causing a fight with someone in the theater, who wins? Everyone. They can go to the movies and talk, and I can stay home, watch in peace, and not waste my money trying to watch a movie while simultaneously having to hear why Pete and Kaity broke up this month.
Its sad to me that movie goers seem to have such lack of respect for others these days, but at least for now, I'll get peace of mind by staying at home. Sure, I might have to wait a little longer for new releases but, for me its worth it. And so I say adieu to the theater, I shall always think back on you fondly. As for my readers, I hope you can forgive me for ranting a bit here on the site, but I needed to get it out there. I appreciate your time. Also to add just a little color to this weeks image, it features Amelia, Lenny, and Joey dealing with a "movie jerk."


  1. Did you really put Rico in the theater? Thats Awesome lol!

  2. Man, I read this and I'm right there with you. My options are limited with movies as well. I either go to the drive-in in the next town over, in which case I'm isolated to my vehicle and the only thing I really ever have to deal with is the occasional headlights hitting the screen. Or I just wait for the films to come out on DVD and I enjoy them at home. Good post.