Old Timers Day - No School Like The Old School

Posting a little early this week as I'll be gone this weekend off to NYC where I'll be taking in not one, but two Yankee games. The first game is a really special one as its Old Timers Day. What's that you ask? Well, the Yankees having so much history have the unique opportunity to put together a game featuring beloved players of the past. Its a great time for the fans and a wonderful way to keep the retired Yanks in the spotlight, and in the family. Its a very special ritual and one that I feel sets an important example.
Today's media is flavor-of-the-minute. Crazes come and go faster than one can blink. American Idol, no wait Top Chef, no wait Justin Bieber...Oy! Who can keep track of it all? And what does this do for tradition, retrospection, and appreciation? I'm not saying theres anything wrong with staying current, but there's something to be said for appreciating the things, people, and places of the past. And that's exactly what Old Timer's Day is all about. I will say I think its a shame when people refer to things that are only a year old as old news. Like last years hits have somehow become pre-jurassic over the course of 365 days. What a shame! I feel like todays media breeds a certain lack of respect and appreciation for what's come before. People today don't care about what happened even a few short years ago, its all about the now. If its not new, it doesn't matter. What kind of way is that to be?
When I was still at SCAD learning about some of the old school artists from the early days of comics, I didn't always get it either. Sometimes I wondered why these guys were important. What did they have to do with the styles of today? Everything. You can't go forward without looking back. And lets face it, the media doesn't exactly promote looking back. So I'll be toasting the old school this weekend! And maybe you can take some time as well, to look back and reflect on some of the amazing people, and times that have given way to the things you dig right now.

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  1. Cool stuff..OTD RULES!!! the BEST DAY EVER!!! who's the chick?