So, just a quick post this morning to let you all know that I'll be posting this Friday like the good old days. I have a bunch of things saved up to put here on the blog, so look out! Also, Dragon Con is coming up this weekend! So be expecting a special Dragon Con post complete with photos.

To give you a small update, I haven't been making the best progress on the shading as I've been preparing for a move! I'm not moving very far, but to a new apartment. So I've been very busy making all of the necessary preparations. Not to make excuses, however, I'm taking some steps to ensure that I continue to do my work. I've started a notebook where I'm going to log the time that I work on my pages so that I can keep an eye on how much, or how little, time I'm putting in. My hope is that that will keep me on top of my game. That's all for now, catch you on Friday!

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