Vancouver Olympics 2010

Hello folks! Its the second of my regular Friday posts! As it happens this particular Friday is the start of the winter Olympics. As the games get under way, one of the things that crosses my mind is just how amazing it is that the world can come together in this way. I think its a wonderful thing that we can put aside our differences and come together to compete in a celebration of talent and athleticism. Its so awesome to see the world take a break from its worries, if only for a short while. In particular, I'm looking forward to snowboarding, and figure skating.

Of course these Olympic games are not without tragedy, as earlier today louger, Nodar Kumaritashvili of The Republic of Georgia, was killed in a terrible accident during a trial run. I'd like to extend my thoughts to his family and friends.

I wish all the athletes the best of luck but of course, go Team U.S.A!


  1. I really love this! It reminds me of Shawn White--I really appreciate the sketch-like quality, for it relates to the vigor and swiftness of the sport. Kudos to the start of the Olympic Games and to your new piece!

  2. I saw part of the opening ceremonies and I like how you've captured the icy/snowy business with the energy of the snowboarder.

    Very "cool."