Forgotten Worlds

Its Friday once again!
Here I am with this weeks post. The character to my left is one of my very first characters ever, Robat. I came up with him when I was just a little dude in fifth grade! As you can imagine he's gone through countless revamps and alterations since then, and this is his most current appearance. I don't do much of anything with him these days since all of my attention is focused on Air-Heart but, I thought I owed it to old Robat here to let him live once again on the blog!

Drawing Robat again got me thinking about the characters that we all come up with when we're really young. Most of the time their obvious rip-off's of the characters that we wish were ours, and Robat is no exception. Its curious to me just how many people, artists or not, all invented characters if not entire worlds that they abandoned as they got older. I'd like to think that all of those words still exist on some other dimension, and maybe we'll get to visit some day. That being said hopefully even when I'm not working with him, Robat is still out there somewhere having amazing adventures. Maybe your childhood character is there too. You never know.

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  1. I think that this character could definitely be on your "Hero Board" at work. I love the energy and sketchy quality of him as well.