Its Friday time!
This here is Goliath! I'm sure many of you remember him from the Disney cartoon series Gargoyles! Now that was a really cool show. Thanks to my lovely lady, I just got to check out the first season again for the first time... well probably since the first time I saw it live on TV! Looking back at it, its amazing how well the animation holds up. They really did an incredible job on this thing. The characterization and the maturity of the show really shines through. If you've never gotten a chance to check it out I would highly recommend it. Goliath was the leader of the Gargoyles and probably my favorite character on the show. From the minute you hear him speak you're hooked thanks to the amazing voice of Keith David. Looking back I can definitely see why I liked this show as a kid, and I've found dozens of reasons to like it again as an adult... or whatever I am!